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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Old Striped Female.

She is still out there. She's maybe alive still. Where she hung out was also hit by the floods. Tomorrow, if the roads are clear we will make an attempt to see her. We hope she survived because probably nobody has been feeding her or looking out for her. Let's hope they clear the roads and we can get out. Let's also hope the rain stops. It is still raining now, so maybe this is mom's dream. Mom is very woried about her. She depended on dad for food. All we want here is for the rain to stop and everybody to start living normal lives again. if she survived then mom says she will take her in tomorrow. This weather is too precarious to wait any longer. Then, here will be totally full to capacity and mom an dad will have the new headache of another mouth to feed. They can't leave her out there to die. We are all praying she survived the floods.  I for one will eat less, if she can come here and retire with Guga. The rain is torrential again we are all very frightened. More horrible things will happen tonight.thank God we are safe here, so far.


Anonymous said...

From the devastation we are seeing on the news it will be a miracle if the striped female survives. I hope you find her. It would be sad for Guga to have found a safe haven and to lose his close friend, but he is still a lucky fellow to have found such kindness in his old age.

The news video of the woman on a rope with a dog has captured everyone's attention as it so well illustrates the speed and extent, and the horror, of the floods and mudslides.

I certainly hope your home and bakery are intact.
Thank you for doing everything you can for these street animals.
I know you are going to need whatever financial help we can give. I made a donation but I might have made it on the closed paypal. (!)
Very best to you.

Chandra said...

Emmy, that is very kind of you to want to share your food with Guga's girlfriend! We will think very good thoughts for her and hope that she has survived but please tell Mom and Dad not to put themselves in danger looking for her. We want you to all stay safe.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Jan's Funny Farm said...

I am reading your posts and realize I can not begin to imagine what you are all going through there. I pray for your safety.


Pup Fan said...

Stopping by from Daley's Dog Years - I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.