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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guga and future plans

Guga went back to the vets yesterday because the lump in his throat has grown bigger. He apparently has a ganglion. This is not serious, so the vet says and we have to wait two weeks to see if it reduces in size. If not then he wiill surgically remove it. He does not seem to be in any pain and is eating well. He still has not stolen my sofa, so I am happy. Mom is going crazy writing lots of e mails and telephone calls. Something is going on, but se won't say yet. I will let you know when I find out.  Guga hopes his auntie Chandra has a real good holiday.


Chandra said...

Emmy, thank Guga for thinking of me! I am having a very nice holiday ... perhaps someday I'll be able to make a trip to Brazil and see you all! We all know those older guys and girls get lumpy and bumpy so as long as the doc says the lump in Guga's throat is benign then l'll be thinking instead about what's brewing around the house with Mom's plans - hope something fun and exciting is in the works!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

We'll mention Guga in our prayers

Corinne Cooper said...

so glad things seem to be looking up!

georgia little pea said...

oi Emmy! it's good that guga's lump is not serious. i hope it gets better soon. mr thumper sometimes gets lumps too - on his elbows, behind his ears, and everywhere! he's also an old cachorro!

those plans sound EXCITING! keep us posted. until then, BIG hugs to all :) xox