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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Lots of new things are happening here. Mom brought a new dog here. She came from a flood victim shelter, where mom and dad are trying to get help for the dogs. More on that later this week. Meanwhile mom is helping out Kinship Circle. They are a charity that responds to disasters and the aftermath. Mom says the aftermath around here is drastic. There are hundreds of lost and abandoned animals. Mom and Dad fell in love with an old, crippled dog in the rescue center. They said they would only take one that nobody wanted, so Nicky arived. She is pictured on the Kinship Circle website along with mom's other pictures and details of the conditions they came across. http://www.kinshipcircle.org/ They wrote all about mom and what she has been doing. That is why I haven't been writing much because I can't spell very well and mom helps me out. She has been very busy. Mom is going to be working as a volunteer with kinship circle when they arrive.

Nicky is around ten years old. She is a GSD mix. She did have an owner because she came in with a collar caked in mud. She is very thin at the moment, but the vet said she cannot be allowed to gain too much weight. She walks on three legs only. Her injury is apparently years old. She was run over by car probably and lost one of her toes, her pad under her foot is also gone and the bone healed on top of the other bone. Now the leg is twisted under her and much shorter than the other one. She can get around though. I am so glad I came here young. The world out there sounds terrible. She has not spoken to us much. We think she is still in shock. She seems calm and a bit depessed after losing her owners.  We have no idea if her owner abandoned her or was killed. The situation in Teresopolis is terrible. Mom did not want another dog with so many financial problems, but her little face and those eyes were really begging them don't leave me here. Here she is at home.

Here she is being fattened up. She likes hr food a lot!

Here is her poor leg all mangled up. Dr Antonio said that the owner must have applied minium treatment, but never had the bone set by a vet. Probably opted for stitches and treatment to avoid infection only. That is the way it is here. People just don't have the money because vet's bills are so expensive.

Here she is sniffing around her new surroundings. We all hope she settles in well and is not so sad anymore.

Guga has been to the vets twice this week too. He has a thing called a ganglion under his throat. It enlarged to around ten times the size it originally was. Mom gave him a pillow during the day time and at night he has his bed. . The vet said that to wait and see if it goes down and fortunately it did.Then yesterday mom noticed little drops of blood all over the floor. It was coming from Guga's penis. Mom took him back to the vet who said it was perhaps a stone coming down  his uretha or pus that caused this. Well if it happens again then he will have to go back. Boy have they been very busy with doggy work this week.
I do have some more news ut I am tired now and going back to my sofa.


georgia little pea said...

Oh Emmy, that is sad news about Guga. I hope it's nothing too serious. He looks very comfortable with his head on the pillow.

But what a happy ending for Nicky! He's one lucky dog.

Please send your mum my best wishes. She's doing a wonderful thing helping with the rescue and you must be very proud of her :) xox

Chandra said...

I'm glad to hear that the ganglion has gone down in size but of course, I'm worried about Guga's latest health problem. Emmy, he is so lucky to have you all because we know how senior dogs can have many issues come up at once and early detection can mean all the difference for their health when they are dealing with multiple problems. I will be thinking very positive thoughts for the handome Guga man!

Nicky looks like a VERY sweet senior! She is also a very lucky girl to have found her way into your pack. We're looking forward to seeing her blossom in your loving care. Bravo and thanks to mom and dad for bringing her home!

Thanks for introducing us to Kinship Circle. I will definitely be reading up on their efforts. I'm so glad to know they are establishing the long-term type of presence that a disaster this large demands. You must be so proud of Mom's work on her own and her plans to work with them! She is a truly awesome lady!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Poor Guga. Hope he is feeling better and doesn't have any more problems. We read about Nicky's owners being buried alive in the mud and it's no wonder the poor girl is traumatized.