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Monday, January 3, 2011

Guga Update

Guga visited the vets
Here he is sitting relaxed on the table with Dr Antonio poking and prodding him whilst giving him the 'once over'. The good news is there is hardly anything wrong with him. He has an inflamed dead bot fly in his back, a swollen gland in his throat due to his rotten teeth, conjunctivitis,and probably worms, too. So we were all very relieved. He sat in the back of the car quietly all the way around 15 miles and wagged his tail constantly at the vets. He enjoyed his trip out. Dad finished his new house, so he is all ready to settle down to his new life. Dr Antonio said he should last at least another two or three years. He was vaccinated too and when the rain stops it will be bathtime.


Chandra said...

Good boy, Guga! The fact that you are so calm and well-mannered after all the years you had to spend surviving on the streets shows what a truly sweet boy you are. We're so thrilled to hear that there's isn't too much medically wrong with you. Now, you can enjoy your golden years like you deserve with mom, dad and the pack!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Corinne Cooper said...

excellent news!

janeiro said...

Aahh, it is so good to know another is safe and happy. Thank you all so much for helping him. I know he appreciates it his tail is still wagging.

Denise C. said...

So nice all the work you do for all these dogs, so glad Guga is going to be okay, it broke my heart the first time I saw the pictures. I will make a small donation when I get paid. I hope me people look at your site.