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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Look Auntie Chandra Guga's having his bath!

Here he is getting prepared. I think he likes water. I might give him a hug if he smells nice after wards!
Lots and lots of soap mom said it was probably the first bath he had in his life.

He was smiling here. I think I will definately give him a hug, or maybe just a sniff to see first.

Tasha got a bath too!

One more just because he looks so handsome. I think I am falling for an older dog!
Talking of age I want to show you a puppy to see if you recognize her. She lives here! Who is she?


Anonymous said...

Seems like everyone gets a bath this week C&L will get theirs tomorrow. Shhh don't tell em as they don't like it much..Happy Sunday

chandra said...

Ah, Guga is SO handsome! Give him a hug for us, too, Emmy! He looks like he is getting happier each day and we just LOVE to see that. He has you and Mom and Dad to thanks for turning his life around and he will repay you with his love ... now that he smells nice enough for it!

That puppy photo isn't you, is it Emmy?! Oooh ... we can't concentrate because we're so happy after seeing Guga's bath pics! Thanks for making our Sunday!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy does that has to feel good! Roof over your head, a full belly, friends to play with and smelling like a (rose?) Such bliss for 2011.
Way to go!
You boys and girls are sooo lucky to have found the right people to hang with.
Thanks to them for all of their hard work.

denise said...

He looks so handsome, he is lucky to have found you, here is hoping his girlfriend is next.

Sharon/Cleo/GrouchyPuppy said...

Dogs are amazing and you must be doing a great job for them to be so patient during a bath. Thank you for all of you hard work.