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Friday, January 7, 2011

Guga's girlfriend is still sleeping rough and probably missing him. She is our next concern, if the sick black dog does not show up again. She is all white around her muzzle and depends on dad totally for her food now. She needs to come and retire here wth Guga. She has also spent many years scavenging food in the streets. When they do this they have no time for play. Guga has started to play again now that he realises food just comes. He no longer has to work for it. Yesterday he jumped up on two legs to play with Dad. He is a very fit old fellow (Guga not Dad).  It looks like the rain is about to stop, so we can spend more time outside . Us four in the house tend to just lie around because we don't like to get our paws too wet. Guga's girlfriend needs to enjoy her twilight years too.  It can get very cold up here in winter and she needs to come in before then.  Apart from that the old fellow is missing her too!

Mom was thinking back to all of the dogs that passed through here and remembering Bonnie the dog who had her ears cut off and then developed diabetes  after one year here. She asked me to post a picture of her in memory of her battle against diabetes here. She lived here four years until age and diabetes got her. She was Panda's kennel mate and friend. They had two dog houses but chose to sleep together. rest in peace Bonnie. We all loved you lots.


chandra said...

Bonnie looks like a beautiful girl - she was lucky to have you and you all were so lucky to have her, Emmy! Four years together isn't long enough, I know, but it was plenty of time for Bonnie to feel safe and loved!

We have our paws crossed that Guga's girlfriend can move in, soon! I know he's looking forward to teaching her how to play again, too!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Oskar said...

What a lovely tribute!

Nubbin wiggles,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good wishes for Lola.. I came to your blog twice wanting to follow and never found the option. Then I took the time to scroll to the very bottom and found it. Just a thought, if you move your GFC followers closer to the top you may get more followers. Have a great weekend!!