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Monday, February 14, 2011

Dogs with hobbies

Well to continue yesterday's blog here are two more photos of dogs with unusual hobbies. Jessie is doing Freudian research into dreams. That is why she has to sleep a lot, so she can gather material for her research.
We asked her what she dreamt about and what it meant and she just yawned and fell asleep again.
Pebbles is interested in crafts and she can crochet. Yes she can! I know you all think I am exaggerating. Look she told me she made this hat.

She looks lovely in it! Don't you think. If any of you have interesting hobbies then please let me know. Then mom won't think we are such a strange bunch! 


Juliette said...

Hi found your blog from Georgia. Very fetching hat, can your dog make sweaters!!

Strange hobbies, well my Dougie (a westie) is going to learn to surf in the summer (longtime yet, as am in UK).

Nice pics, will read more, thanks.

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Chandra said...

I sort of suspected Jessie was a scholar! And Pebbles looks absolutely fetching in her hat!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years