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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Beautiful Sight

On Mom's way to Teresopolis to help Dr Bruno and the others move to the new premises Mom and Dad passed this lucky dog. They took the picture still moving and it is very typically Brazil. The guy, of course, is not wearing a crash helmet. The dog's lead is a rope, but they are happy. Mom and Dad spoke to him and he got this dog six weeks ago from the shelter where they are working. He said the dog loves going out on the bike. I asked Mom to get a motor bike for me but she told me not to be so stupid.  

Just look at his face. He loves it and is the ideal companion for this guy. When they arrivedat the shelter everybody was pleased to see them again after Mom's illness. Mom spent the day organizing the new pharmacy. Dr Bruno wanted everything in place quickly because he can't waste time hunting for vital medications in an emergency. Here are some shots of the pharmacy, which is bigger than he old one and doesn't leak when it is raining.

It started off with one big mess. mom had to check the expiry dates on every medication.There were bag's full and boxes full of medications andequipment to unpack. She sat in the pharmacy all day and had a beautiful little friend to keep her company. This little dog is living in the pharmacy temporarily.

She sat by Mom's side all day.By the end of the day things were improving.

The beautiful little black dog that Mom and Dad liked because it looked just like a PWD that they had over twenty years ago has not been adopted yet because it is quite ill and was taken to a vet's clinic because there still is not a vet in attendance seven days a week. Mom was sure that he would have been adopted by now. He is apparently getting better. Yesterday there was another adoption fair in Rio de Janeiro. Bebete spent the day there. Now mom wants me to thank all the people that have helped us since we started this rocky ride. Especially Jan at Jan's Funny Farm, Auntie Chandra, KD, G and GE, and our kind rock star and his wife. Foley and Pocket and many more. They really saved our necks and kept us going financially and emotionally. It has been one hell of a last six months.  The Tanner Brigade also for such a warm welcome (Mom has not had time yet to visit all their sites and talk to them all yet) she is going to start this next week after the shelter move.


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Thank you for mentioning us. Every one of your blogs bring a tear to our eye. Foley wants to go riding on a bike now. That's not happening. I hope you continue to find the money and the strength to keep things going. Bless you

Jan's Funny Farm said...

How funny to just publish a post which included you and drop by to catch up on your news and find ourselves mentioned in your post.

We are really hoping things turn around for you soon!

chandra said...

We always wish you, Mom, Dad, Guga and the rest of the sweet pack the VERY BEST, Emmy!

Love the photo of the scooter dog - he looked so happy! And look at the ears on mom's little helper in the pharmacy! What a cutie!

Keep us posted on the little black PWD-like dog. Hope he continues to improve.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years