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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dad is now saving humans too!!!!!

My dad makes me really proud. He saved a human today! After he spent all day from seven in the morning  saving dogs at the Teresopolis shelter he began the one and a half hour trip home down a long and lonely mountain road. It is narrow and dangerous with drops of over two thousand meters in places. It is still under repair after the landslides here. Last night it was extremely foggy and Dad had to drive at ten kilometers per hour because he did not want to die. There aren't any lights whatsoever and no houses because this road goes straight through a National park.

He was driving behind another car when he suddenly came round a bend and noticed that the car had disappeared. He put his hazzard lights on and tried to see the car. There was a drop of around two thousand meters at this point. He could see nothing it was pitch black. He decided to try and stop another motorist to get help. His cell phone did not get any signal there. So, he felt helpless and knew that something was terribly wrong. How could the car just disaapear? Several people passed by and refused to stop, some stopped but just drove away when he explained  the situation.

Finally one decent human like my Dad stopped. A truck driver called Mauro. He was shaking and began crying when dad explained and said the he had a dream the night before that someone fell off the mountain. Dad drove the car up and down slowly with full beams on whilst Mauro looked over the side of the mountain for the missing car. They saw the car after about 300 meters of looking. They shouted down to the car which had  as they found out later impacted on a tree. The driver shouted back. He was alive. He was too scared to move because if the tree broke or the car moved he could descend to the bottom and would surely die. He said he was old and did not think he could walk. Anyway to cut a long story short the truck driver had a cell phone that worked in that area and called the emergency services. Dad waited for them to arrive and they descended on ropes with a stretcher secured on top with ropes and they got the man out and saved him. These people are Angels too because they risked their lives to save the human.

Anyway onto Dad's work with the homeless dogs in the Teresopolis shelter. This cheeky one is ready for adoption. She stuck her tongue out at Dad! how rude!

This strange looking Dog is a Collie who had to be shaved. She had maggots and was compltely matted. Her name is Lady Di, but I don't think they used the same hairdresser. She is blind in one eye and Dad says she is a lovely friendly dog. Now onto new borns.

and more
Fortunately the two mums are pretty healthy and have milk for their pups.

Many arrive like this and pregnant too. Panda came to mom like that and lost all her pups. It all too regular here.

 Some are extremely sick like this dog with distemper. He did improve during the day and managed to eat a little on his own by the end of the day. His name is Negao.

This dog looks better than the black one, but in reality is gravely ill with distemper and is not expected to survive. We are all praying here. This is why mom and dad are so worried about our future because a dog's life in Brazil is extremely harsh. People say they want a dog and then throw us away without a second thought. How could she rehome us and trust other people to be good to us like they are?

This little dog has sad eyes. I think that my mom and dad deserve some good luck in life and not all the worry they have. We try to help but we can't. Some humans are saying it is all our fault that they are in such a terrible mess.  


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Still hoping things will turn for the better for you!

chandra said...

We're absolutely stunned that Dad witnessed that accident. Of course, we're not surprised that he made such an effort to help, because that's just the kind of guy he is, right Emmy? But it's really a miracle of timing that the man was able to be saved.

We're so sorry to see the dogs that are so sick. We can only hope that they will pull through and if that's not possible at least they will know the feeling of being cared for at the end of their time here.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years