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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Mom just stole my sofa! I walked into the lounge and she is stretched out filling up my sofa. I am trying to be nice about it, but I am a bit peeved. I left my sofa for five minutes only and she moved in. She never lies on my sofa. She was lying in her bed with what you humans call a cold when she got up and said it was too hot in the bedroom and just slumped on MY sofa.
She went to the vets this morning with Gracie for more tests and we should no if there is anything wrong with her soon. She looks fine to me eating and playing all the time. Dr bruno just managed to secure 300 kilos of Royal Canine ration for the dogs in the shelter. Mom is going to start a campaign to help  him out because he is now working seven days a week, four at the shelter and three at his clinic, paying all his own expenses after our Angel paid him he continued voluntarily. The other volunteer  vets all left on the 9th march except for Jaqueline, so things are still difficult. The shelter is getting on top of the situation now. The good news is the sick puppy on the drip pulled through and is fine now. It does have an owner,  a very poor guy who just wandered into the shelter begging for help. Dr Bruno could not refuse him. He stayed with his dog all day for three days, whilst it was being treated. Samba the other sick dog has improved greatly and is practically back to normal too. This makes it all worthwhile. When mom is better they will return to Teresopolis to get photos of Samba and the puppy. There are so many puppies that they don't have names just numbers at the moment. There is another adoption fair this weekend in Rio by the beach, so let us hope they all get some good homes.  Mom is trying to raise money for us and Dr Bruno all at once and I think the stress of the last few weeks finally got to her, so I am going to lick her face and forgive her for stealing my sofa.


georgia little pea said...

dear emmy, i think licking your mom's face and forgiving her would be the right thing to do. it's awful she stole your sofa, but sometimes we dogs have to be understanding.

how about you share!:)

chandra said...

So glad to hear that the puppy and Samba are doing better. Poor Mom, Emmy! The stress has gotten to her and she's obviously out of sorts, because why else would she steal your sofa?! While there is so much going in your lives, I'm sure trying to think about everything at once is so overwhelming. Tell Mom to just take it one day at a time, Emmy! And go snuggle with her!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years