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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Teresopolis Saturday

Dr. Bruno and Dr. Jaqueline are still working hard at the animal shelter in Teresopolis. Every day there are ups and downs. We start with a picture of a very cute baby, who is unfortunately sick, but we hope he makes it. He was sitting here naturally posing.

Mom and Dad also saw a gorgeous healthy dog that reminded them of a dog they had that died more twenty years ago. Humans have very long memories.The dog in the shelter looks like a Portuguese Water dog. It was hard for them to tell if he was really one or not. He is only young and full of life. Mom really wanted to bring him home but finances cannot withstand one more here. Their Portuguese Water Dog died when it was just two and a half years old with cancer. Mom always said she wanted another one. They are such fun dogs and intelligent too. Not as intelligent as me though! I said that not Mom. Here He is

That is Dad cleaning his cage. He has to wear boots because of all the mess those poor abandoned dogs make. They don't have grass like us to pee on. It is not often a healthy young dog gets in here, they are usually old or sick, or even dying. There have been a few exceptions though and luckily I was one. Gracie was another. Next is a dog called Samba. She is very sweet and docile. She has been very ill with pneumonia, but is pulling round. Yesterday she stood up. We gave her the remains of our chicken lunch.

Dr Bruno started off being paid for by our private donor and is now working voluntarily. He is a real Angel. Dr jaqueline too is an Estimacao NGO vet and working voluntarily. She and Dr Bruno drive miles at their own expense and last night they left the Shelter at past midnight.
Early this morning Dr Bruno treated a dog that has an owner. The lady that baths all the dogs has this very fluffy looking dog who made the mistake of trying to play with a toad. This is a very dangerous game here in Brazil. Anyway the toad released its poison into the dogs mouth and when he arrived early at the shelter his muscles were all stiff and he had started having convulsions. He spent the day there with Dr Bruno attending him. He was put on a drip and medicated. By the end of the day he was completely normal and fit to go home. We all cheered because it is so good to see dogs getting better. Here he is ready to go home.

We love his clothes and now we all want outfits like him too. He is very chic.

Here all the puppies. As you can see there are far too many to count. They give Dr. Bruno a lot of work becase they are so fragile. There is too much work for Dr. Bruno and Dr. jaqueline. They both have other professional responsibilities and are doing very long days for the shelter. We at Dogs in Brazil think they are doing a wonderful job.  


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Dr Bruno is a godsend. And that first puppy, oh my gosh, how cute is he? Keep up the wonderful work you do. I know you don't want recognition but you deserve it.

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Your Dr. Bruno is a Godsend. And so are the two of you. I pray for all Brazil's dogs, and now Japan's. Thank God for people like you in this wicked world

chandra said...

Oh, Emmy that pup in a bowl and the others you shared photos of look so very sweet! We will think very good thoughts for Samba and hope she continues to build strength. Boy, that one dog sure is stylish!

Dr. Bruno and Dr. Jaqueline are amazing veterinarians and amazing human beings.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years