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Sunday, March 20, 2011

No teresopolis this weekend

Mom and Dad could not make it to Teresopolis this weekend. Mom is still quite ill with her cold, or flu hatever it is. She says that she has opened a twitter account to raise money for us. The next rescue, if we manange to raise any money will be called 'Twitter'. Mom was secretly hoping it could be the black one from Teresopolis, but he has probably gone to a new home by now. It was just nostalgia thinking of their dog that died all those years ago. They are hoping to be in action next week helping with the move at the shelter and finding new ways to fund raise here in Brazil. Locals should be more involved. Two days ago a man came to the front gate and told mom she had to take a mother and four pups, or he would release them in the streets. She told him off and sent him on his way,but he will probably do just that. We need a programme here in town. It is a tiny town, so with just a little funding we should keep on top of the situation. If we could manage ten spays or castrations per month it would make a huge difference. Now four more are going into the neighborhood and will breed. They were all females, Mom asked. Even the mayor of this little village sends all people wth dog problems to mom. Twice a week at least problems knock on our gate. people arrive with dying dogs expecting miracles. It is sad.

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Foley Monster and Pocket said...

There are many animal lovers on twitters including wealthy American celebrities like Katherine Heigel who you can make direct please to for money. This is just off the top of my head. Allysa Milano is another one. I'll think of more. My twitter name is Foleymons. Send me a message when you join