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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Please don't forget to chip in.

Nothing new here. The truth that has been luking behind mom and dad for a while has suddenly become easier to see without the constant disaster activity to blur it. Mom is wringing her hands and wondering how they will pay all of next months bills. The Chip in has been inactive for quite a while. The few small donations dried up last month to a tiny trickle. None of the Foundations even bother to answer mom and none of the other organisations even care if 16 dogs get chucked on the street without home or food in the near future. Mom started this campaign to try to get our home back into her name. A handful of kind people kept them going two or three more months, but now they are in financial meltdown. We don't know what to do for them. They have been so good to us and always loved us dearly. We want to help them but we can't. If they did not have to pay the morgage and credit cards every month then they would have a chance. They decided that after all that happened here, if they could pay off the morgage and sell here then they would. They would then go to another state and start again with all of us in tow. They need to be near a big town with everyday industry etc. Even teresopolis could be a possibility. If only..........................

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Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Is it possible to put the chip in button on my blog or on another page? I would put it on my blog page and a social network site I am on.