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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teresopolis Yesterday

Dad went to the shelter yesterday and had to profound moments: one of happiness and one of sadness. First the happy moment. The dog below was thrown in a bag from a car window to the shelter.
The poor little fellow is blind and has a leg injury. There has not been a vet there, so we don't know if his leg is broken, or just badly bruised. Tomorrow Etimacao vet Jaqueline will be there to see. On saurday the first Kinship Circle Vets will arrive. Thank God, So long without proper veterinary care full time. Dad thought that nobody would ever want the little chap. Although his sight has gone maybe due to the blow on the head when he hit the ground, he still responded to dads voice. During the day two Angels, who have 40 street dogs in their home came by and said they would take him and he would be the lady's companion going every where with her and even to work with her.  They also took two very old dogs with them. Tomorrow Dr Bruno, thanks to our Angel will be there through to Monday. After this weekend when the KC,  Brazilian, volunteer vets arrive Dr Bruno will go back to his normal life. We can all relax then knowing the dogs have vets to take care of them. Now the sad moment.this little puppy is dead.
This photo was taken moments after he died, most likely from mal nutrition. It gave me a terrible feeling of profound sadness to see this. I felt sorry for poor dad dealing with this.
There are over forty puppies in the shelter and this little fellow looks like he is going to make it. There is a Kinship Circle volunteer called Bonnie working with the puppies. She is feeding them and cleaning their area and trying her best to look out for them. Being an animal recuer is not easy it involves a mixture of sadness and happiness. Nothing is simple in life. Here in Brazil it has been raining non stop for three days. We are on major alerts for more landslides and flooding. The river is full to bursting point again. We are all worried here.   


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

So much pain and suffering. I so admire your work. So sorry for that poor little pup that passed, and the brutal way the other pup was left at the shelter. So much pain and sorrow. Keep fighting the good fight

georgia little pea said...

Muito triste, Emmy :( there seems to be a never-ending line of dogs that need to be taken care of there. Good thing you have so many vets coming by now.

I'm glad the little dog found a home. How terrible to bag and throw him out of a car like that. Did the person think it was good enough that he "dropped" him off at the shelter? :(

Abracos xox

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Some people are just plain cruel.

We hope you are all okay. You don't need any more landslides and flooding there. You are dealing with so much already.

chandra said...

Rest in peace, little one.

Very glad to hear that the blind dog found a forever home.

Your Dad is very brave to be handling such emotional highs and lows, Emmy. Give him a hug for us.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years