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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Today I am a very proud dog. Our Dad made it to the front page of the IDA (In Defense of Animals)newsletter. They show him doing Search and Rescue a few weeks back. We are all quite famous now. Nicki is famous, I am famous and Mom's writing a book about Jessie so we hope she will be famous too. Mom told me that a famous guy called Andy Warhol once said that, 'everyone is famous for 15 minutes of their lives'. So we have had our quota here. Yesterday Mom and Dad were at the shelter helping all day. There was one very good moment when Bonnie the KC volunteer handed over to Patricia,  the head of Estimacao a huge wad of cash. $2000-- This was the money for the vet that we were all unable to find. What a nice gesture. Today the first KC volunteer vets will arrive and they will work alongside Dr Bruno (Our Dogs in Brazil Vet privately paid for by our own special person) for a while. He works seven days a week including his work in Dr Antonio's clinic and he is getting tired because the work is so intense and stressful. Mom and Dad say they will soon be taking a rest too because there are now enough vets there to cope with all the problems. ThankGod! Mom and Dad are going to concentrate on our local street dog problem again and us. They are going to try and raise money to start helping local dogs and spaying and neutering some of the many strays around here.
The photo that appeared in the IDA news letter was taken on the day that dad rescued three dogs with the KC. One was a gorgeous yellow, labrador mix, and it was very thin. Yesterday this dog got returned to the shelter by the foster owner who said he was aggressive. We played with him for quite a while and could not detect any aggression in him at all. Here he is playing with the kids that help at the shelter.

He looks really, really aggressive doesn't he????? He was actually an adorable young dog who just wanted to play. Mom said she would take him if she had an empty kennel  and more resources. Mom and Dad are working on resolving that problem at the moment. We all hope this little fellow gets a great home with some patient, puppy loving people.

This little beauty is tiny and found a new furever home yesterday. She was just like a little toy dog. Mom said that just my head is bigger than her. She could not live here with us because we are all big and clumsy and we may squash her on the sofa because she is so tiny. We liked her though!

This poor little soul is sick. Mom helped Dr Bruno force feed him and treat him.

The adult dog is in shock and connected to a drip. She has gastro enteritis and lost a lot of blood then her body temperature dropped, andher blood pressure too causing her to faint and enter shock. She stayed on the treatment table all day on a drip and had plastic bottles of warm water placed around her. The puppy, which is not hers was also being treated for mal nutrtion. He sensed the warmth of the bottles and snuggled right down there too! It has been cold and raining the whole week. Mom is very worried about more floods and landslides here. She keeps looking out at the mountains with a very worried look.

These two horses were running free all over a main road on the way to Teresopolis. Mom and Dad did not know if they are abandoned horses due to the disaster or have just escaped!

Here is the magnificant Guga. He is getting a bit fatter now that he has assumed his right as leader of our pack to steal our food. We all love him even though he snores very loudly every night. I love him and even Mad Misty loves him.

This little puppy is featured here just because he is so cute.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a terrific update. You have all worked so hard there must be a certain sense of satisfaction for your efforts to be recognized and acknowledged.
Guga looks fat and sleek but I find it hard to believe those ladies in the house allow him to be leader of the pack. Come on Emmy, he is a toothless old lab if you are not careful he'll pinch your spot on the sofa.

The returned yellow lab looks so very friendly it is a shame he missed out on a forever home. I wonder if after starving he showed a little food aggression that only comes out during feeding.
I'm so pleased your have more vets now and that you will be able to take a break from such stressful work. I'm making my monthly donation today and hope it inspires others to help you with the work you are doing with the street and disaster dogs in brazil.

chandra said...

Very cool news about your dad making the cover, Emmy! We can't think of a family more deserving of fame!

Truly love the photo of magnificent Guga and the little details that are examples of his deep happiness with you. When we think back to the photos of Guga when he was living on the streets ... thank you for picking up the pieces of his heartbreaking life and making him whole again. And thank you for ALL that you do for the animals.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We just love the way you ended this post. Yep, the puppy is just so cute. :)

It sounds like all of those working to help the animals need a break. I has to be very stressful work for all of you.

georgia little pea said...

Parabens Emmy! O que uma família famosa que voce tem!

thank you for another great report of the situation you're in. i hope there aren't any more big destructive rains for you.

Guga's story is FUNNY!

Tenha uma semana boa :) xox