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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tian's Shop

Today mom and dad visited their friend Tian. He is a very good carpenter and makes rustic furniture from demolition wood usually from old colonial farms being demolished around here. The wood is all noble wood, all hard wood. These wood types are Brazilian and have names like: Jacaranda, Peroba, Ype, Canela, and Sicupira. Many of these are now ilegal to cut down. We have several pieces of Tian's furniture in our house. I personally scratched one table by climbing on it. Mom was not pleased with me. I only wanted to look out of the window from a better angle. Tian is also going through a hard time as the tourists have vanished.

This Dog is not for sale. In fact Tian and his wife like dogs a lot and have adopted several from the streets. This is one of them.
Tian's tables and things.

Tian's furniture would be considered extremely cheap in the first world. We are thinking about selling it from a website so, if anyone wants to order any made to measure furniture for their homes or to resell then Tian is the man.

Mom saw this nasty looking thing whilst in the shop. Tian also built a new workshop for three men to work in, but it does not look like he will need it for a while. A resident in the new workshop is enjoying the shelter another one from the street adopted by Tian and his wife. It looked like Gracie's twin.

 On the way home mom and dad saw a dog stealing from a rubbish bin. He was caught in the act!

Look at that guilty expression!


georgia little pea said...

That last picture is great :)

It's a good idea making new furniture from old. I love the look of old used wood, complete with scratches and knocks!

Have a good day xox

chandra said...

Tian's furniture is very nice! And his dogs are so cute!
I had to laugh, Emmy, when you said you scratched one of the tables! Could people from outside Brazil buy pieces from the site?

Hope Mom and Dad are feeling better!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years