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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dogs that climb trees

This is Trooper, who could well be a short haired German Pointer, contemplating climbing a tree. We still think his head is a funny shape for a Pointer but anyone with Pointer expertise please feel free to comment. Snout seems a little short (unlike mine) and cheeks a little too wide. The body fits the bill perfectly. 

Here he suddenly had an idea! Why don't I climb that tree after all I see the monkeys here doing it. Then

he did something that none of us has ever done before he climbed the tree just like a monkey.

he was having a really good time and we all wanted to do it too.

The disaster occured he fell out of the big mango tree and hit the rock below. He hurt his leg with a cut and it then swelled up. Fortunately his leg wasn't too bad and did not need a vet. We all decided after that to give tree climbing a miss as a new hobby. Now Dad has decided to cut down the big tree because for a long time he has been worried that if we have a big storm then it will fall on the house and crush it. He will leave it short and able to shoot again. So troopers tree climbing days are numbered.
Well onto Mom she had some type of what she thought was food poisoning all over the weekend and spent a long time in the bathroom. I heard strange noises. I got worried. She stayed in bed all day and me, Jessie and Pebbles stayed there with her. Today Dad is ill with the same symptoms, so it may be a virus. Whatever it was Mom was very ill and could not even eat. Then this morning Mom was a lot better. She has started to eat again and to worry again. Trooper needs a new kennel. He is chewing and digging his way out. The kennel door is wood and old too so it is very weak.The kennel is too small for three dogs. Dad wants to make a big kennel like Tasha's for the three dogs there, so they can run around and then take Sol from the chicken house and put her in the old kennel, which is larger than the chicken house.Still no proper funding appeared here, but Mom still believes it will. What with medical expenses coming up for a few dogs and routine stuff she has worked it out that we need a fortune and will have to pray very hard for help. 


chandra said...

Tree climbing is a very cool skill but way too dangerous! Maybe Trooper can take up lizard hunting with Sam?

Sorry to hear that Mom and Dad have been sick. We hope they're both well again, soon. Emmy, tell Mom to try not to worry ... we know it's difficult not to but at least while she's recovering from illness, stress will make it linger.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What fun -

Of khourse, the fall wasn't -

Thanks fur sharing that khanineskhwirrelkhat!

I hope all feel better SOON!


georgia little pea said...

I think Georgia would probably love to learn how to climb a tree because that's where her possum "friends" are! Lucky Trooper is okay. Hope your mum and dad get better soon xox