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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Panda is ill

Panda has been a bit quiet for a few days we all thought it was because she did not like Trooper, but it was worse than that. She has Ehrlichiosis, which is a form of tick disease. The same disease that killed Riquinho a while back. She is staying at the vets clinic tonight and taking the first injections and is on a drip. She has a low platelet count and anemia. She is quite an old dog so we hope she makes it through. We don't exactly know her age she came here in 2005 pregnant starving and beaten. She arrived in one of our neighbours gardens and wanted to stay in their garage. Unfortunatley it was one of the neighbours who hate dogs.  Mom watched the situation because she was coming into our garden too, so we all barked. Mom asked the neighbor to give her water and she would provide food until a solution could be found. This was too much of a problem for them and on top of the beating she had received prior to being thrown on the streets the neighbour laid into her with a broom. Mom had to take her in.

Anyway she got better from her mal nutrition and has been here ever since. She is a very nervous dog hates bright lights, thunder, loud noises, cameras with flash, and most men. She has been beaten with a belt buckle at some time in her life and the print of the buckle is scarred into her in several places , which probably explains why she is so nervous. She did not have much luck in life until she came here. Due to financial cut backs it has become difficult to treat all the dogs for fleas and ticks. We were being treated with Topline but the fleas became resistent to it. To treat all the dogs here every month with something like Programme or Frontline would cost in the region of R$850 which is around $600 per month. Too much for us now.  

1 comment:

georgia little pea said...

That's sad about Panda. I hope he recovers. Ticks are awful. Here, even just one paralysis tick can kill a dog.

I can imagine how difficult it must be for you with so many dogs to look after. I don't know whether you already do it, but there is one "famous" littledog rescue here that started from a lady's home. She has since managed to get quite a good volunteer group and donation base (from individuals and businesses). Do you by any chance have such support? Dog food companies seem ready to at least help with feeding. They always have food that may be close to expiry but are still good, for example. And they would be able to give you ONGOING help, which sounds like what you need.

That lady I mentioned was also "given" a piece of land where she now operates from. The last time I was there (it's about 2 hours away from where I live), there were so many MANY dogs there, it was hard to believe she started from her home!

Anyway, please disregard this if I'm overstepping. I just thought I'd share the story since it sounds like you're always in the red :(

Have a wonderful and peaceful Easter. Beijos xox