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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looking Good

Trooper is looking better and his  butt is getting better. He has a growth on his neck and still needs to be neutered. Freddy is in exactly the same position except that his cyst is on his butt. He rubs his butt against the wall and ends up bleeding, so Dr Bruno will have to see them both very soon. Trooper is still taking antibiotics for the holes in his butt, which are slowly closing up. Tomorrow Sam is going for a haircut, so we will post the before and after pictures. Emmy is taking medication now for Giardia too. It has been an expensive month vet and medication wise here. This month Gracie, Trooper, and me all needed treatment. There are quite a few more of us needing attention with cysts, plaque on our teeth.
Trooper and Sam are getting on well, but Panda is not so keen on him. She is an older dog going blind in one eye and wants peace, so we will have to think about what to do for her. Dad wanted to build a new kennel because poor old Sol has been living in the chicken house since Nicki came. She does not complain but it would be good if she had a proper kennel too. Mom dreams of doing everything properly but it is dificult with so many of us. We have the most important thing which is love. So we don't complain-- well not much. We are the lucky ones. Here is Sam again. Just because she is so cute.

Mom entered Sam into a competition for photos of dogs with their tongue out.

1 comment:

chandra said...

Trooper looks fantastic! King of the hill! And Sam is so cute. Looking forward to seeing her haircut.

So very true about the importance of love.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years