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Friday, April 15, 2011

Sam's Haircut

We all got a big shock today. Mom and Dad left the house with Sam. She looked normal at this point we just thought they were taking her to the vet or something becuase she did have cancer a few months ago. We all assumed it was some type of check up. She was gone for about two hours. We heard the car come up the road and I went on top of mom's table again. Just to get a bett view out of the window.  Whoops I scratched it again. She doesn't do much dusting, so it will be a while before she notices. This is what I saw.

We all thought another new dog had arrived. they don't normally come in wearing such awful human perfume. She did not smell like a dog at all. The old man that comes here sometimes asked mom and dad if it was staying and where they should put her because all the kennels and house are full. he then said 'Do you know that dog looks like the same type of dog as that one with Panda and Trooper. Dad said 'It is the very same type'. He laughed and told the old man it was Sam. Panda never recognized her either. She verified it for quite a while with a long smelling session. Anyway we were all pretty disgusted with her new coiffure and perfume. She soon got back to her normal lizzard chasing antics though.

Mom did not really want to cut her hair, but it was beginning to be a problem grooming her. She had not had a haircut since she arrived. Truth is Mom did not want to spend the money on a hair cut and Sam would be very difficult for mom to do it. She would probably end up without an ear or tail! Oh no! mom's coming to check my spelling and now she will know about the table thing. I had better hide quickly.   


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Sam is looking sharp. Going to be quite a ladies' man.

AJ of PupLove said...

Stopping by on the hop - I think Sam looks great!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Sam looks good. Like a different dog. She probably feels more comfortable too. :)

chandra said...

Love Sam's new summer cut ... don't worry, Emmy, after a few lizard-chasing sessions, she won't smell so "bad" anymore!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years