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Friday, April 1, 2011

New Rescues!

Mom and Dad were out in Sao Jose and saw two more poor stray dogs. They don't know what type or breed they are, but they appear to be a mother and her pup. They decided to bring them home even though they seem to be in good health, they were in danger of being run over. Some silly people actually thought they were small tigers. How stupid, I said can't they tell the difference between feline and canine? They arrived yesterday and seem to be settling in well. The mother eats ravenously and the pup is playing with me.
Here is a photo of the mother.

and here she is again making herself right at home.

Mom just could not leave them to get run over.
Here is the beautiful little puppy he keeps biting my ears, pulling my tail and pulling my leg!

Look at this sweet face. Mom wants to call the little pup 'Tony' after Tony the tiger and the mother 'Tiga'. They do have very unusual colorings don't they? Well we will keep you updated on their progress. Mom just asked me 'what's the date today?????? I just BOL April the First!!!!!!!!


georgia little pea said...

I SAW THAT COMING! Yes, I did because I've already been tricked once today. Haha.

Happy April Fool's Day back Emmy and family :) xox

p.s. Did you photoshop them yourself? It's pretty good!

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

I would take the puppy and the Mom. Very clever.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Love the look of the mom. Pretty realistic. Clever April Fool's. :)