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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Mom went back to the vet's clinic again today with Trooper. his bum is a lot better and healing but he has an abcess on his leg and still had another of those horrible dead bernie flies in one infected mass. We don't really know what you all call these flies in other parts of the world because they don't have them in England where Mom comes from. He has to take more antibiotics and have special spray on his leg. He cannot be vaccinated yet because his immune system is still low and he is still anaemic. Look at his beautiful face.

We all think he is in love with Sam he likes blondes!

Then they kissed

Here is a picture of the magnificent me because you all haven't seen me for a while.

Now the problem of the fat GUGA just look at this slob.

He is constantly stealing food during meal times and is very clever about it. He waits for eveyone to be distracted and then goes for it. If the human watching us goes to answer a telephone then he grabs his opportunity. Mom is going to put him on a diet starting tomorrow. He will not be pleased. Below
are two sleeping street dogs. Mom took a picture of them because they looked so comfortable despite being abandoned in the street.

Tomorrow Mom is guest blogger on www.grouchypuppy.com and we are hoping to get some donations because we are now one month behind with the mortgage and another payment due tomorrow. Three misses and we are out on the streets. So, please think of us we need to survive here until Mom and Dad come up with an idea to generate income.  So they can pay for our costs like they did for the first nine years after they started. They used to go out onto the streets and help others with food and vaccinations etc but now just us are a burden to them. They actually did have the mortgage money then along came Trooper, Sam, Panda and Little One ill as well. That just about did away with it. When dogs are ill what can you do? We need doctors just like humans do. Panda very nearly died.
It is difficult. The accountant has been working on the paperwork for our non profit status and soon he will want some money too! It doesn't matter if it is only one dollar or pound every little helps. We have two castrations to do and both have growths to be removed at the same time pushing up the cost. 


Jan's Funny Farm said...

We hope things turn around for you soon!

MyFavoritePupJasmine said...

Wow... I'm going to share your blog on Twitter so others know about your situation!