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Monday, May 2, 2011

Busy Weekend

Mom and Dad went to Rio de Janeiro near the beach to help our friends from Teresopolis donate dogs on Sunday. Dad helped donate dogs Saturday too in Teresopolis. They haven't seen the sea for nearly ten years. We keep them too busy and too poor. They do this because they love it  and it is a good distraction from their own dire problems. The house is on the market for sale again and mom is beginning to accept defeat in our battle. We had some very kind people help us but no sustained funding is appparently possible. We can't fund raise here until the non profit is set up and we have to survive until that moment somehow. First here are some photos of the two donation fairs held to diminish the 170 odd dogs still left over from the disaster.

During the donation day a man who works for the local city hall dumped these five pups, far too young to have left their mom in one of the cages. He was actually trying to help but last week he brought eight to the shelter too. This man obviously knows what will happen to them if the local govermnet get hold of them. They would probably be held in cramped cages without food and water until there was time to inhumanely kill them. So he is actually trying to help the cause.

 Luckily due to them being so young and sweet four were adopted Saturday and the last one got adopted Sunday.

This sad little Angel face was too ill to go this time. Mom remembered the black dog that looked like a PWD who is still in the vets clinic and how she would like to adopt him when she saw this photo. Last week mom and dad saw a very sad, starving dog. Dad said, 'do you want to take a picture?' and mom said 'no' because once you stop the car and give them some love it gives them hope and then you have to leave them bewildered as to why you are not going to rescue them. Us dogs don't understand this money thing. It seems that our lives must depend on bits of paper. Mom can't bare to see their eyes if they can't help them. It is heartbreaking. He was walking along the motorway in a remote area and every rib was visible. Now some happy moments as some get new owners and we wish them all the best with their new lives and hope they will be as loved as we are here.

These are photos from Sunday at Leblon.

The little black dog and all his brothers and sister did manange to get adopted.

This nice fellow also got lucky

Mom knows this dog well. One of her puppies died in mom's arms a while ago. All of her pups died in the end. This dog is a true disaster victim and buried in mud up to her neck. The pups all had pneumomia and died. She is extremely affectionate and has been to three adoption fairs withouy any luck. She tries hard but nobody seems interested in her. Mom said a prayer as they passed the big statue of Jesus on the way home asking that we can all stay together and that she can continue saving more of us.


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Oh how I wish an angel could come down give your everything you need, or that I could be that angel, and I would adopt that cute little dog too. Keep the faith. If anyone deserves the light of fortune shined on them it is you.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

You sound discouraged and we can't blame you. But we're hopeful things will change for the better.

chandra said...

We're very happy for the dogs who found homes during the adoption event and we'll think good thoughts for the sweet little mom dog as well - we can't imagine why she hasn't been adopted yet.

We second both Foley Monster and Pocket and Jan's Funny Farm's comments. Try not to get too down.

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years