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Thursday, June 2, 2011

More House Hunters Coming

Tomorrow there are apparently more house hunters coming to see our home. If anyone makes the right offer Mom and Dad are going to take the chance and sell hoping that they can find a way of renting with us. They cannot go on as they are and maybe we will all get lucky and get to stay together. Mom is still contacting the rich and famous right up to the last minute. She is a real trouper and does not like to give up. As they say 'it not over until the fat lady sings'. Who knows maybe at the last moment her dream will come true? Nobody can say she did not try hard enough. She did everything possible to avoid this scenario.  This time we will try to be good because we know we can't go on like this or Mom will be ill. Last time we barked and growled at the people even Guga we were extremely rude to them because we don't want to move or risk being seperated from Mom and Dad. They have to sell because even though they haven't been forced to yet, as they haven't actually ever got the three months behind they are always close to it. They live on an abyss always clinging on by the finger nails and this is no way to live.

1 comment:

Bailey said...

We hope everything works out for you and your parents. We hate to think of you being separated.

-Katy & Bailey