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Friday, June 3, 2011

They Arrived

The prospective buyers female humans have arrived and Dad is showing them around. We have all been stuffed in one bedroom and are barking in disgust. We want out! There is a lot of noise. Mom and Dad don't even have a plan if they say that they want it. I hear talk from them saying they will probably go far from here. Somewhere where they can open another small business and try to survive. I heard Mom say 'well! it's all in God's hands now'. We are praying hard for a good outcome, however, after three failed businesses and a natural disaster they don't have a lot of luck. I told mom not to worry 'nothing is forever' I just hope this doesn't apply to us dogs we want to be with Mom and Dad forever. Mom is indoors and very nervous now the moment has come. I will get back later with the results of this. Mom tweeted a lot last night but no miracles here. Reality hits hard.

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