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Monday, June 13, 2011

Six Days left

We now have only six days to find another mortgagae payment, so we have been blogging less as panic sets in. Yesterday Mom and Dad went to Teresopolis to take their  mind's off of their  problems. They still have around 130 animals to rehome before they close their warehouse. Many of the same dogs are there.  They just never get selected by the public for one reason or another. Spider, who we blogged about weeks ago is still there. A gorgous poodle cross hyper active and called Aranha or Spider in English because he climbs. he is the only dog with a lid on his cage.

Aranha was chased by five humans when he got out and when they reached him and called him he came back just like anyone's obedient pet would. We wish we could take him but we can't . Mom has too many worries and we may all be out of a home sooner than we think.

Mom took a picture of some food bowls used by one old GSD at Teresopolis and we thought we were bad just look at what he did. He needs concrete bows do they make them anywhere?

Imagine what this dog could do to furniture. Now here are some local shots near to us seen on the way to Teresopolis yesterday. First this poor hungry dog rooting through the rubbish.

He looked in pretty good condition. A very young dog probably his first winter on the streets.

He also made quite a mess for a few rotten morsels of food. Near by another curled up trying to keep warm because up here in the mountains it is very cold in the winter.

This one looked worse but still not too bad in comparison to many street dogs around here. Now onto us at home. Mom has been watching Freddy and his leaf hobby. He does the same thing every day. He carries a leaf from his kennel and runs down to his food bowl. He drops the leaf on top of his food and starts eating.

When he has finished it is always the same. Look at his bowl.

He seems to be using leaves as currency and leaves a tip in his dish. Wow! if only they were, then we would be okay and could live in peace. Mom is tired of fund raising every single free moment of the day and night. She says she would like to watch a film sometimes or just relax, but she can't she is on a mission and needs to win the battle. She is still tweeting the rich and famous with absolutely no effect at all. Many other ordinary dog lovers on Twitter are helping her but nobody with the means to change the situation. Not long before the bank start proceedings against her now. I have prayed constantly to our big doggy God in the sky we don't know if he is the same as the human one. I think he is. A miracle is needed very quickly now.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Freddy is so cute with his leaf tip. He must give you an occasional smile. We wish things weren't so bad and we keep hoping for something good to happen for all of you.

Angela & Minnie-Moo said...

We have just sent a little donation your way. Really hope that things work out well for you all. You're in our thoughts.

Angela & Minnie-Moo, UK