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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Mom is still trying although we are expecting to get formal written notice to leave next week they may give us 30 or 90 days depending on how mom can negotiate with them. If its only 30 then we have even bigger problems and the street is looming closer. They do not even have the deposit for a rental property. They would only have that if they had managed to sell before the bank got its hands on the property. The loan on the property is a little more than half its value, So it looks like they will get some more bad luck and lose the equity in the house too. She has placed ads to sell the house in the classified ads here and it is with agents. As we said before nothing goes right, Quite a while back somebody wanted to buy and mom and dad refused the offer because they thought that things would turn around but instead they have spiralled downwards constantly. The paper work for our non profit has come to an impasse because we have to apply for licenses at the local council and pay the lawyer and of course with dogs needing medical attention that is impossible. We now have Guga waiting for an ultra sound and neuter due to the prostate problem. Minnie walking with a limp and Tasha with a growing cyst which needs investigation. This week the results of the test on Troopers abscess come in. It still hasn't healed up so the vet tested it for anti biotic resistant bacteria, He said it could be a post trauma tumor or his immune system. Whatever it is we know it will be expensive. These few urgent cases will probably come to r$1000. So we have no chance here without selling the house. We are advertising it on twitter too for $95,000. It has a lot of land with it. It is also flood proof as we found out.

Mom saw the little street dog and his friend yesterday. He was licking his tumor constantly. He will suffer a slow death. We ironically named our house Carpe Diem which means Seize the Day. It looks like the day seized us instead.  


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

I do not know if you are familiar with the term Hail Mary Pass. In American football, when there is only time left for one play, and you're losing, you throw a pass towards the end zone, a Hail Mary, hoping for a miracle. I threw a Hail Mary today. Tom Brady is the quarterback of our local team. He is married to Gisele Bundchen. We got Gisele's e-mail with your blog address to see if she can help. It is unlikely she will reach the e-mail. If it is she is unlikely to view your blog. And if she does that it's unlikely she will give money. Hail Mary passes are unlikely to work. But every once in awhile.....the balls in the air....let's see where it lands

janeiro said...

We had never heard of the Hail Mary Pass! Now we know what it is we hope the ball lands right on our heads. This will be a miracle if it works. It would be good if it was a brazilian who saved us as they are all Brazilian dogs. You have been so good to us always looking out for us we can't thank you enough. We are praying for the Hail Mary pass to land on target. It's a long shot but you never know. maybe God will smile on us here!