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Thursday, June 30, 2011

This used to be an intersting blog but....

This used to be an interesting blog but Mom has all but given up. They Can't help animals in the street when they are struggling to keep us going. They cannot go to Teresopolis without money for fuel. They  are grounded. Mom has resolved a way of getting some of the medical procedures sorted out. She met a lady with 70 Dogs who is going to lend mome a space for surgery. Then we have an angel vet who will do the surgeries free. First is Guga for his prostate problem.  He has to be neutered. Then there is Freddy who will have a large cyst removed and also be neutered. Then there is Trooper who will be neutered and have a wart removed from his neck at the same time. So with three recovering dogs after this Mom will be very busy. She only has one large Elizabethan collar to stop them biting at stitches so it will be a fight to keep an eye on then all at once. Guga lives in the house so he will be easier to monitor.

Here is Freddy  during happier days when we all believed in miracles and thought Mom and Dad could make it. Other than that there is no good news here. Mom has no food in the cupboards and has not paid any of the unpaid bills. Both mom and dad are in despair stranded here with us and no resources, Nobody has even come to see the house for sell. Face book has not gone much further as we need someone to help Mom promote it and she doesn't understand much about it. Some days she say's she wished the world had ended on May 21st last. It would be a lot easier than all this stress. Nobody knows when and where it will end not even us. We are all frightened. just waiting for the axe to fall.


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Just offering my own going support. If you're just about to hit bottom try a casino, maybe fortune will finally shine on you

Anonymous said...

Is there any way I could send food, etc to help support these dogs?

janeiro said...

We don't know who u are but food, flea medicine is always welcome. They eat 250 kilos more or less per month so it is a huge expense for us at the moment
Thanks for caring