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Monday, June 27, 2011

Total Panic Here!

We are in total panic here soon there will be bailiffs taking mom's fridge, cooker etc. They are behind with electricity, telephone, med insurance, credit card interest payments, The guillotine is falling. She is very nervous and feels sick. She and dad know they won't be able to find decent homes for us. We have been loved here, treated with respect, nursed in the spare room when we were ill. She treats us just like good  human's treat their children. A good human looks after their offspring well and doesn't let them suffer. Good humans stick by their children through thick and thin. Mom and Dad love us and went to the end of the road for us. It's just not fair. There are so many bad humans in this world why them? What did they do wrong to deserve this? They made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Mom say's she can't even bear to think of life without us and we don't want a life without them. We know the ordinary people tried. We are finished without professional help a big bail out. There aren't any with that kind of money even interested in their situation. We touch the hearts of those who live ordinary lives not those who live bohemian lives. Mom says we are all Angels from Heaven and we should talk to God about our situation. She say's only God can help us now! Keep praying people maybe he will here us before the axe falls.

God made mankind responsible for His animals. All animals are God's animals and we are answerable to God for our treatment, care and protection of them.


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I so wish I had the answers -

Or had ways to help -

This makes me sadder than just about everything I have ever read -

I feel so powerless for you and it brings tears - and rage for those that just don't give a crap -

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

I am so sorry. I wish I could fix this. Lost my job today. No where near as bad a situation as you are in. Just keep praying. It's all we've got. Plus I can't even fix your badge. Something has to work out.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yes, what Khyra said!