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Monday, July 11, 2011

An Embarrassing Emergency Ouch

A Painful and embarrassing problem for this little fellow.

This poor dog was brought to the |Tersopolis shelter during the removal process. Thankfully our friend Dr Bruno was helping with the removal so a cure was found. The dog came in with a lady who had travelled considerable distance she was poor and has 15 street dogs. She found this poor guy on Sunday dumped near to her home. He was shaking with pain because his penis would not retract into his foreskin. Dr Bruno knew what to do. This is caused by him being amorous with a female who is not quite ready. He risks necrosis if he isn't cured quickly as the blood flow to the organ has been compromised. I showed the picture to Guga and his eyes started to water! The poor old lady who was helping him is another unseen hero working with the many street dogs who are ignored by most. Dr Bruno stopped everything and treated him without any equipment available. As everything had already been moved to the other warehouse 10 kilometers away.

He used ice cold water to shrink the blood vessels

It was a freezing cold day in Teresopolis and for the dog this must have been a shocking cure.

Well after some time all was resolved and the little fellow was left to warm up a bit.

He finally stopped shaking and the lady was able to take him home. Then Dad. Dr Bruno and Anderson continued with the removal process setting up the warehouse to take in the rest of the dogs.

They dismounted cages and rebuilt them again all day for two days. it was a lot of work and it has not finished yet.

This dog lives in the pharmacy and has a bunk bed. all the pharmacy equipment was moved as well as this beauty.

The other warehouse has a closed in yard where they can get some sun!

This dog is very aggressive and will be very difficult to resolve.

As Dennis, the disaster volunteer, said during the filming of  'Abrigo' when you look into the eyes of a dog during a disaster you see God!
Poor Danilo who was adopted yesterday was returned during the day. He is back to waiting because the family did not like him. What they really mean is they did not have the patience to let him settle in.

People adopt them and expect them to behave like perfect pets but after all they have been through they need love, time and patience. People just don't understand dogs. Danilo to all of us volunteers is such a loving boy. Wish we could take him. He will make an excellent companion one day if someone gives him the chance. 

1 comment:

chandra said...

Just the other day, I was telling my husband that this sort of thing can happen and he didn't believe me. We'll know I'm going to show him this post and I bet his eyes will start to water just like Guga's!

So glad to see that the new space for the dogs has an outdoor area, they are really going to appreciate it. It's a shame that Danilo's adopters did not give him the chance he deserves but that just means that they didn't deserve him! I will think good thoughts for his real adoption soon!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years