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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The end is nigh

Well as one of the last comments said there is no joy in life. The bank are now phoning us and have just told us the worst. All our possessions are at risk too due to the credit card debt. mom feels like lying down and dying she can't take any more. The people supposed to be coming back for a second look well mom hasn't heard yet from them. It looks like the end is looming near and certainly no miracles in sight. Mom is really upset and to top it all Guga is bleeding from his penis again and it's all too much. Life sucks for humans who depend on money. They don't even have money to eat with next week and they have cut everything back to a minimum. They are hardly eating and we are hoping mom's not gonna have a heart attack if they are left homeless with all of us. It's unthinkable to most normal people to be homeless but with 17 dogs its a suicidal thought. We are very worried what will happen to us. Mom is numb with fear. Nobody has laughed or relaxed here for months and months mom became obseessed with saving us and cannot accept failure even though it's not her fault. Why doesn't someone buy our house quickly we don't care if we only get tiny kennels we want to be with our humans who saved us.
Please God don't let this happen to Mom and Dad and us 

1 comment:

Jan's Funny Farm said...

I am so worried about all of you and wish I knew a solution. Sending hugs and a prayer!