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Friday, July 15, 2011

Moms desperate

mom is desperate she says she has to save us 


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We so wish we could do something to help -

We'll keep the paws khrossed and good vibes in the air -

Larisa said...

Wish I could help. I have been out of work for over a year and barely hanging on here myself.


Rising Dove said...

What is really needed to turn the situation around? I donated bits, but if $thousands are needed, perhaps a more comprehensive approach is appropriate.

janeiro said...

Hi Rising Dove Emmy's mom here. We did a blog on our financial situation four blogs ago because so many people wanted to know. Go to Situation financial for stay of execution or resolution. I think really you are right because without hundreds of small donations or one large one we won't make it. The chip in has 53 contributors and many of these have contibuted several times so there are really less. One lady loaned us $1000 which I will give back when we sell the house. God bless her. So since April the amount totals £3,540.00 roughly $1,100 per month and as you see just our loan comes to this. We have used this money monthly for the dogs to eat and some medical treatment we have had several medical bills for Trooper, Little One, Panda was three days in the vet clinic. Trooper new rescue Vet on first day and treated for abscess on leg and magggots. Guga has Prostate problem. So for three months we have not paid a single bill and our own money has gone. We need a big campaign to beat this! It's not impossible but it is unlikely. Only with a professional help or someone famous I think.