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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Removal Men found two more puppies!

Dad has had a very difficult weekend, He Dr Bruno and Anderson worked really hard all weekend. Estimacao is closing down one of the flood victim warehouses to put all the remaining animals together in just one warehouse. These two warehouses are approximatelt 6 or 7 miles apart. It was a lot of hard work for the three of them and dad is not so young anymore. They had to dismantle all the cages load them on to pickups and transport cages and dogs to the remaining warehouse. They were the only three volunteers left to do this. Bebete the director is still working hard and the little kid called  'Savio' who has been there since the flood. He has hardly missed a day. Late on Sunday as they were working they noticed a two small puppies coming out from the dense bush behind the warehouse. They were able to catch one of them a female, but the young male got away. Here is Anderson with the little female. 

The three guys then crawled through dense bamboo and foilage looking for the little male. They found the puppies nest, but could not find the male.  Food was left for the male and he is within hearing distance of his sister, so he will hear her barking and maybe he will come out of the bush to get the food. If, he does then he will be caught and put with his sister until homes can be found for them. So, one or maybe two more for adoption. The puppy is a real cutie so she has very good chances of finding a furever home.

Here in our house we are hoping poor Guga get's better. He is taking anti biotics and Prostem Plus again. He will have his second Ultra sound on Tuesday or Wednesday, which his Auntie Chandra paid for him. He is a lucky boy to have her.

Mean while the old fellow is comfy and warm awaiting his surgery and ultra sound. He probably won't have to have his belly shaved again because the fur has not grown back after the last one.  Mom is still desperately seeking a solution after a depressing weekend with no firm offers on the house and a freezer that hasn't sold. So, the problem's continue until our miracle occurs! Today the bank will be calling again to find out if we have a buyer. Sadly not yet. Keep praying folks! The crisis is upon us and time is short. We are running all sorts of campaigns but still not getting anywhere. 


chandra said...

Big big hugs to Guga and you all! I'm thinking good thoughts for his doctor's appointments this week.

The little pup looks like he knows how to have a good time! It's a good thing Dad and the guys found him before those good times turned bad. Hopefully, his sis will turn up soon!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hope Guga will be okay. It's been kind of rough for him but he's got a home and there's hope.

What a lot of work for 3 people to do.

Czarina said...

Cute dogs.<333