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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mom knew she shouldn't have gone out today!

Mom decided to pop out for half an hour today because she has been stuck in the house most of the week. So,, mom and Dad drove to the nearest town just down the river about three miles away. They bought some bread and turned around to come back. On the way back they crossed a bridge and mom noticed some puppies on a rock stranded. They drove behind the river up a dirt road to get to the other river bank. Mom and dad started to descend to the river when a lady and her son also turned up to descend the to river bank. She said that she heard the puppies barking at night and saw them earlier. There were more at that point but they must have fallen in the river. Well they all climbed down the river bank and found three puppies. Mom asked the lady if she was going to keep them and she said 'No'. She intended to leave them in town on the streets, so at least they wouldn't drown. So,have  Mom and Dad decided to take them home and put them in the adoption fair in two weeks run by our friends in Teresopolis, Puppies are usually quite adoptable. So now Mom and Dad got even more work to do with three more to feed and clean up after. Phew!

And here they are eating and safe


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Those are lucky puppies. They will have a chance at having a home.

chandra said...

I love the little one who's inside the food bowl - that one must be part Lab!

I can't help but laugh - you really can't leave the house, can you?!

-Chandra at Daley's Dog Years