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Friday, August 5, 2011

New Dog on the Block

Mom saw this poor dog whilst out today. One year ago she would have taken him/her (she never got to see if it was male or female) straight away. She saw the dog walking with great difficulty before it laid down by the bike. Mom had a look at the dogs paw and noticed it has what looks like a club foot. Two toes are clawless and completely moulded together. It is a very sad dog and such a sweet face. The dog wagged it's tail as Dad talked to him/her. Then started to put it's paw in the air just begging for help. Mom cried and she saw Dad wipe a tear too. They then went back to the shopping area and bought a lottery ticket they can't afford. Mom says if she wins the first thing she will do is go and get this little Angel. So sad he /she is defective and thin and so vulnerable to attack from nasty humans because the dog cannot run away. Now they are going to have nightares. Please big dog God in the sky let them win the lottery today and bring the poor baby home with them. The dog has Mange too. It was also extremely cold today. Where is it going to sleep? What will it eat? Who will give it a cuddle?   

1 comment:

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, so sad. We know how hard it is to see a need and not be able to fill it. So sorry for the poor doggy and all like him or her.