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Friday, September 23, 2011


Well we can say with utter and complete honesty that the last nine months have been the worst in Mom and Dad's lives. Since the disaster nothing much has gone right. There have been some terrible days and a huge amount of stress. Some people think Mom is strong well she feeling pretty weak right now. The panic has set in and still they haven't managed to sort the mess they call a life out. Mom and Dad have both lost a lot of weight and aged a lot this year. Mom was always so confident that someone would want to support a rescue. We know many people want to support our work but they needed some sort of stability not living hand to mouth as they have been for months. They never managed to finish the non profit status and time has passed by so quick. The bank will own a new home soon and mom and dad will be somewhere with us in the world. The uncertainty is terrible. Eight months of publicizing all this and not one large charity helped us get off the ground. All the organizations that claim to help dogs out there and not one could even provide food for us here. Simply because we are not a non profit. Mom asked one once, 'When you see a tramp in the street with a dog and both are hungry do you ask him if he is a non profit before you buy him a MacDonalds and if he isn't then you don't help him and also leave his dog hungry'. Of course, she got no reply to this. Not one could get our non profit going and not one would take us under their wing. The world is an ugly place. People would rather give money to charities that euthanize millons of animals per year and many celebs give thousands and thousands to these in good faith but ignorant of the reality of corporate charities. Well mom tried them all. All she is going to do now is find somewhere for us. In times like this mom says you find out who your friends are and some people we have met on the internet are our new family they have helped us survive since january. They cared whether we ate or not, whether we were sick or not, they helped mom to stay strong. Thank God for people like them.

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Jan's Funny Farm said...

We don't have any funds to send but we have lots of extra hugs, purrs and wags to share. we are really hoping and praying for you.