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Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Week

Dad is frantically trying to find somewhere for us all to go. Yesterday he was out and about in Teresopolis looking around and he stopped by to visit the spinning dog. He also passed through the area where Nicki came from. Nothing much has improved there. It is a constant reminder to us all here. Mom still cries every time she sees a picture of it. Dad took these so the world knows just what it is like there nearly nine months later. 

Looks like a scene from an earthquake.

 People are still living amid the wreckage.

So many lives torn apart.

Others just taken. Maybe this was Nicki's family. Who knows?

Then people say 'Get over it'. Difficult for those that see it daily and suffer the consequences daily.

Or maybe this was Nicki's house?

He felt depressed as he passed through the area. Imagine having to live there. He then saw a friend of ours who is a biologist working in the National park. Here is an Owl he saved. It has one wing virtually torn off because it flew into an iron support post on a building site. It can never go back to the wild.

Here is a monkey. Not sure what was wrong with him. Dad forgot. After seeing the destruction again.

The film made about the disaster featuring mom, dad and Nicki and has shots of them here in what was our home has now been accepted for the film festival in Curitba and in Goiana. So, that was good news. When the sub titles go on hopefully it will be screened in English speaking countries. Dad also visited the spinning dog, which we have pledged to take in and work with as soon as we find somewhere to live. It was dark in the shelter so the film did not come out too well. He was just the same. Poor fellow needs to have a home very soon. Just like us!

Well that is another week here in Brazil!


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

My Lord this is so heartbreaking. I wish we had been of some help. God bless.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, what a sad day, to go see the devastation again. And to not be able to help the spinning dog yet.

You are both very brave and determined!