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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's News

Yesterday we had a call and one of the little pups is coming back. The new mom decided she didn't want to keep her. So, a friend of ours picked her up in Rio and will deliver her to us soon. The new mom thinks she has mange. So, our friend took her to a vet to get her tested and on Tuesday she will be back with us. We originally thought it was the black one, but it wasn't, it's the little white one. They all came with ticks, lice, fleas and worms which were all treated. We think it's just a fur failure where they scratched with all the irritation of the parasites they were carrying. She is going to be tested though just in case. Mom will be happy to see her back because she was the sweetest of them all. 

Meanwhile Daisy is really happy. Here some happy shots of her settling in.

 She nows goes for her playtime with Sol and up until now no fights. They aren't playing together yet, but at least they are not showing any aggression. Mom thinks that with time thet will be fur buddies. Now onto other news. Yet another dog dumped yesterday at the bottom of the road. Several people saw him thrown from a car.

This dog, a young male, is just beautiful. He is a bit scruffy and has a slight defect with one paw but other than that he is in reasonable condition physically. Mentally he is lost.

Dad gave him a hug whilst mom took photos and he clung on and tried to follow them. The Guy in the yellow T shirt is the local drunk. There is another street dog by his feet. She is a female in season.

It was heartbreaking to leave him out there alone. He clearly was begging for someone to help him. We asked a few people if they wanted him but nobody did. Mom was very upset because he reminded her of Harry our first rescue dog. He was a pure bred GSD.  When Mom passed the river she looked down where the little pups were found and saw only two ducks. Dad asked her if she wanted to rescue them and laughed.  Apart from this Mom and Dad have three nasty looking letters from the bank. They have not got the courage to open them. They have been there since yesterday. If we had the space and more resources then Mom and Dad would have kept the dog until the next adoption event and given him a bath then maybe someone would take him. For this you need spare kennels, money for vaccination and food and gas to make the trip and also to be prepared to keep him if nobody suitable wants him. They just can't take the chance. They will keep asking aroound to see if anyone wants him. Mom is going to deworm everybody and just worked out that she needs 53 pills at one pill every 10 kilos. That is 13 packs at R$7.80 per pack. So you see it isn't easy.  We are still looking for a corner to run too. So far nothing has been found. We just need some land with a shack on it somewhere in Brazil. The miracle hasn't happened yet but mom is still dreaming.   


Monaco said...

and I am praying for the miracle to happen!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

That poor dog. Hope someone will take him in and give him a home.

Keep dreaming!