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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Photos of Adoption Event Cool!

Here they are our three pups awaiting their new furever homes. It was a chilly day in Rio. They were all given beautiful collars with bells on them.

They looked adorable! The black one was a bit chilly so she was given a little woollen coat to keep her warm.

Now who could resist her? Dad did turn down three prospective adopters as unsuitable and he believes that they all got good homes. Here they are with their new mom's.

The big white one with the little heart shaped mark on her nose went first.

This lady has a Cocker Spaniel and lives with her mother. She fell in love with the little black one and called mom to see if she could adopt the lil black one. She began to cry whilst talking to her Mom.

The conversation went on quite a while with dad observing! She wouldn't let go of the pup all through the conversation. Then suddenly her Mom agreed and look at her face then.

We think she will be a very lovely mom.

And here are the new family for the lil white one! So they went from near death in the river abandoned covered in Ticks, lice, fleas and had worms to luxury in central Rio. We all hoping they have long and happy lives with their new owners. Mom felt happy and sad at the same time. She was getting quite attached to  

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