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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today is yet another holiday in Brazil. The day of the Republic! Yesterday mom and dad went to the  garden shed which is jam packed with mainly junk and started planning what they would take when they moved.  They started to move things around and were confronted by a very angry femail cat who was growling at them. Mom was afraid it was going to attack her. It seems to be a feral cat only mom's not sure. The cat left the shed via the window and then mom and dad heard the faint cries of her kittens. Three of them all snuggled under some wood. They are jet black and the mom is brown. So we guess the father must have been black. Mom and Dad must clear the shed in the next two weeks to move and can't leave them there. the new owner of moms house has many dogs and intends to let them run free there. Mom had this part of the garden seperate. They now have to catch the mom and the three kittens and take them to a cat rescuer because the kittens need their mother's milk. 

Those hanging pupae are some type of moth. As you can see the garden shed is not the most organised environment. Whilst mom took photo the other two were hiding under a bookshelf that is no longer used.
Please vote for us in the dream competition. Let's all hope the non profit status can go ahead and that mom and dad can rescue many more animals in the long term. Meanwhile we are campaigning to raise money for the huge expense of moving all of us to our new home. Wonder what we find there?

1 comment:

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

My gosh you have pets were you did't know you had pets. Another complication. Good luck finding them a safe place.