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Monday, November 21, 2011

Harry's Painting

Mom met an artist on Twitter who wanted to help us here. Her name is Sarah Dowson. She decided that if anyone commissions a painting she would give half the proceeds as a donation to us here. Mom was really touched and went off to the internet to check Sarah's website and see her paintings of animals. Mom was so surprised because this lady is a real artist with so much  talent for painting cats and dogs. You should all check out her website and see the wonderful pet portraits.  http://www.sarahspetportraits.com/ also a blogsite http://sarahdowson.blogspot.com/ and facebook if you are on it http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sarahs-Pet-Portraits/116397308455304

Best of all because mom was a bit upset at having to leave Harry here. He is dead and buried here. Sarah offered to do a portrait of one of us. Mom chose Harry because he was their first rescue dog. He was the beginning of something very special and the reason we are here. Also the reason why poor mom and dad lost their house because we cost a lot to maintain. Mom and Dad love us though. They would give everything just to continue the rescue work and save lots more of us. Anyway Mom told me to put the picture Sarah sent us on the blog for you all to see how great it came out.

Sarah managed to capture his expression exactly. Mom really loves this and will treasure it for ever. Now she has a spectacular momento of Harry. Thank you Sarah for making my mom happy.

Meanwhile the cat family in the shed are growing up. Three little black kittens and Mom. Here mom and dad are fretting about the move, which has already been held up because the fence wire the doctor is buying hasn't been delivered. He wanted mom and dad to leave all the fence wire behind because he has a lot of dogs too. Mom and dad said they had to take it because they need it, so he said rather than him build new kennels he would get new fence wire and support posts for our new kennels. Mom and Dad can't move until our kennels are ready. They have put a new system for donations here and on facebook. It's all in English so should be a lot easier for everyone who wants to help us. OkGo are playing in Rio this week. They tweeted for us during the disaster. Mom invited them up here but she doesn't think they will come. She will be extremely socked if they do turn up and so would all of us.  

1 comment:

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Lovely portrait of Harry. What a wonderful present.

We hope the wire comes ASAP so you can get the kennels built.