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Monday, December 12, 2011

Becoming A Registered Charity

Daisy was rescued by us. If you want to help get us charity status then click on Daisy.

We have some good news! We have an anonymous donor who will match every donation dollar for dollar up to $1000,  in order for us to get our charity status. We are so close to completion of this process. We are asking everyone to give the animals this gift for Christmas. This would benefit so many. We won't stop until we realise this dream and are in a position to help many more, to educate people here about animal care, to change the lives of the forgotten, roaming the streets alone and ill. Please lets make this happen and make a difference here. Even if it's only $5 it will be worth $10. We have created a chip in specifically for this. It's just to the left. Any donations towards this will be making a major change to the future of animals in this region. These will be donations that lay the foundations of something lasting and change the future of so many forlorn, hungry, abandoned animals. Let's go forward for 2012 as a proper charity.


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

How long does the offer stand. We can help after the holidays.

janeiro said...

Up until the 4th of January. Thanks for all your support. Hope Foley and Pocket are behaving themselves. No Vicking on the lawn!