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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Topi the Spinning Dog

We are collecting Topi the spinning dog on Saturday. We can't think of him spending Christmas without us. We will probably be making the huge move during the first week of January. Christmas is on top of us now and everything stops for Christmas. The doctor buying our house from the bank has problems and hasn't completed yet.  The constant rain has impeded our kennel building. So we are going to get him we just can't wait any longer, nor can he. We are still calling for donationations for our charity status which will change a lot of things here. Every donation is worth double at the moment due to an Angel who wants to help us get there. So click on Daisy's photo to the left and any amount will be doubled until January 4th. Help us to save more because that is what we really want to do. We thank you all for your love and support. We survived nearly a year in Brazil only because of you.