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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dinner for 18! (From Blog)

Have you ever wondered what making our dinner is like? Or what we eat. Well! Mom decided to let me write about my favourite thing today-FOOD. Well here we go first all the bowls are laid out in a set order. With the dogs bowls grouped in kennel groups.

Then first in goes our ration. Some of us here eat our eat our ration seperately because we don't like it soggy. Then in goes the rice.

Then some meat and veg.

Then Mom Mixes it all up for us and it finally looks like this. Yummy.

Tasha helps Mom because she is out during this preparation time. So is Mini.

Here is Tasha doing her bit keeping Mom company.

If Mom is alone then heating all the food and preparation and serving takes her around and hour sometimes an hour and  a half, if she cooks greens for us too. We sometimes get cabbage and other greens. We don't like them very much.

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