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Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas is Coming

Well Christmas is coming. Mom's going crazy with cardboard boxes still. Sarah who painted Harry for mom has made a poster for mom too!

We also got our first postcard from a good friend that has helped and supported us since before the floods.

It has pictures of all of her anipals! Mom liked it a lot. Nobody quite knows when we will be going. The doctor buying here still hasn't completed the purchase and it's raining so hard that Dad can't go and build our kennels. So, Mom just continues packing like a robot every day.  Guga is better again after a course of antibiotics. Mom wories a lot about the old guy because he is so old. We all have fleas at the moment and Mom is frantically trying to find an affordable solution. Seems the pesky little fleas have developed a resistance to the flea medicine she had been using for years. So, we are all itchy. She is trying a cedar oil recipe today that is supposed to work. She bought a product called SpotOn this had no effect whatsoever and then she tried a medication based on Cipermetrin and that didn't work either. Then she had to buy Advocate, which costs four times more here than in the US. She just bought two one for Freddy and one for Gracie because they have flea allergies. That one does work but is far too expensive for Mom to put on all of us every month. So the flea battle goes on...... 



Jan's Funny Farm said...

You have a lot of courage and determination! We know you will make it.

Glad you like the card. If Jan can remember how she made the background, she's going to see if she can make us a Christmas design for our store.

Sending hugs, purrs and woofs.

georgia little pea said...

hello again. i'm back finally.

i was wondering how you were all doing. i'm glad you found a new place. i thought about you when we were in rio, so close to where you are.

i understand now how monumental the job is of looking after street dogs in brazil.

janeiro said...

Hi glad you are back. You were so close to us-- what a shame you didn't visit. It's an infinite job. I see no end to it. Just help as many as we can and hope to gain the non profit status when we can.