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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Topi's Home for Christmas. (From Blog)

Here is Topi's first walk around the garden on his own. He was quite bewildered by it all and a bit frightened. He kept his tail between his legs and continue to stop now and then to spin around. He always spins anti clockwise. He has some sort of defect walking and a very strange gait. It comes and goes like the spinning. When he saw some meat to eat (probably for the first time in his life) he spun round faster. He seems very introverted and lost in his own little world. He shows no response to affection at all, or when mom and dad call him. If,  he is spinning he pays no attention to anything else. During eating he stops to spin too. If, he isn't spinning and you call him loudly he will momentarily focus on the person calling. We are hoping he will get better so he can play and be a normal dog at least some of the time. He hasn't cried or barked like we all do.   He was much more confident on a leash and walked in a straight line.

Nicki is on medication for a problem she has. She was producing milk even though she cannot be expecting pups. We were all secretly hoping she was because we could play with them. Mom says it's impossible and she has to now take medication to stop this. A lump was found in her breast, the vet told mom to give her the medication and then see if it is still there. Then they will decide what to do. Mom is still campaigning for the funds to get our place set up as a registered charity, so she can help more of us. It's going quite well and they are about half way there with two weeks to go. If you want to help then Mom says click on Daisy. She is the little scruffy white dog rescued last August. We want to say a big Thank You to everybody who has helped us survive nearly a year in Brazil. All your suppport and donations kept us all going. It has been a tough year for mom and dad, however, many dog lovers stepped forward and refused to let us starve, or mom and dad. Thank you everyone.     

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