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Friday, January 6, 2012

Another New Pup Here

Well last night a new pup arrived dumped outside our gate. He looks healthy and is very young. Mom says about five weeks old. He is realy missing his mom because he screams everytime mom leaves him alone. She had to take him to bed with her. The rain has stopped here although it did quite a lot of damage in many parts of the country before it stopped. Here our some photos of the new little pup who weighs in at 2.10 kilos. He hasn't got a name yet.

He is very cute!

As you can see he is about the size of Dad's foot.

This was going to be his bed but he cried so much he managed to get into mom's bed and slept across her neck. She didn't get much sleep.

  He curled up on Dad's lap in this weird position and fell asleep. Why won't dad let me sleep on his lap? Mom says it's because I am 35 kilos and way to big for that sort of thing. Huh!

1 comment:

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Neighbors aren't going to have anywhere to dump the dogs when you move. This is one of the lucky ones.