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Monday, January 2, 2012


Topi is making huge progress here. He is coming to his name and responding to affection. He is really a sweet boy. He is still spinning but less than 50% of what it was before. This morning mom went out and called him and he came in a straight line to her and he is now wagging his tail. He is beginning to be a dog. We are all dying to talk to him when he gets the confidence to talk to us. He is very shy and distracted with the spinning business. He barked for the first time new years day and really wags his tail now. Mom is really happy about his progress. When he gets excited about food he does start spinning and if he is left alone he spins more. We will film him when the rain stops. Mom says we are on maximum alert here for floods. Where we are moving to has already got 200 people homeless and mudslides. The roads are blocked so dad can't build our kennels either. It's still raining and mom says if it doesn't stop there will be another disaster. 2012 hasn't started off quite the way we all imagined it. Mom says we are going to be a charity as soon as the lawyer comes back from his Christmas holidays she will talk to him and get going on that.  So lots going on here. Praying the rain stops soon.

1 comment:

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Way to go Topi. We're rooting for you