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Friday, January 13, 2012

The five pups dumped in a box

Well the five pups that were ill and dumped here are being looked after by our friends in Teresopolis who thank God have an isolated space for them. They don't seem to be getting any sicker. If they had distemper then they would be going down quick. We cannot risk bringing them here because Joey the last pup dumped here is still young to vaccinate and very vulnerable. We know he is healthy so cannot risk killing him with distemper.

Here he is afterwards.

The pups seem better, if it was distemper the they would definately be worse.

 We can't risk Joey dumped here Jan 5th. So, we are lucky to have animal friends to help us out. Here is one of Joey.

Unfortunately Friday the other pup died with distemper. He was just too far gone. If, we save six and one dies then we are in front. We felt so sorry for Friday he had no chance, his spirit couldn't take anymore. His heart gave out during the anesthetic for euthanasia because he was so weak. The five pups are still weak. let's hope they make it.


1 comment:

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Poor Friday, but at least the other pups were brought to the right place and will be given good care, as Friday was. Sometimes there is nothing even the best of us can do.