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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Dogs Dumped at the Door

Today we started the day normally. Mom and Dad had coffee and let Nicki out at six thirty and all was normal. They cleaned the kennels and gave breakfast to all the dogs. By eight a o clock, Mini a little terrier with a really good nose was sniffing the front gate a lot so Mom went to see why. Out side was this box.

Well it was only going to be obvious what was in it. The only question was how many? and how sick?

Well Mom says there were five. (I didn't see. She wouldn't let me antwhere near them). The box was dry, which means it hadn't been there long. It was full of mud but no dog poo. Who ever delivered them didn't travel far with them and they were only just dumped when we found them. The person also came on foot because we hear cars. Mom had to go and wash the dog kitchen with bleach to make sure it was clean and then she unloaded the poor pups to see what kind of stste they were in. They had the usual fleas and ticks but two looked bad. Mom said they looked like they had distemper. One was walking really strangely. Another one seemed to be nodding his head. This was not good news because Joey is here and too young to be vaccinated and even if he was the vaccination takes 15 days to work. Now poor Joey is at risk. They look around five weeks old too. Then dad decided to take them up to Teresopolis and find out if they do have distemper. So Mom was left on her own all day with a ton of work and worry.    They can't win. They don't even have the money to euthanize them if necessary. This will cost 90 reais each one plus consultation to see if they really do have distemper. Pluto couldn't walk when he came in his rear end went completely due to malnutrition. We will have to see.

  Mom fed them and gave them water and then dad took them on the long journey to Teresopolis while Mom worried what the roads would be like on top of all her other worries. Mom can't look after six puppies and twenty dogs on her own and dad has to go to build kennels in the new place. It is too much for anyone. She has to cook for us, clean up after us, take us out to play, wash our beds, give us medicine and the love she always gives us. They can hardly afford five more-- meaning more vaccinations, more puppy food,  more worm medication, more flea medication, A trip to Rio to donate them and that's if they are health,y now imagine if they aren't. We are talking a small fortune. Mom's praying some substantial help will come soon. The lawyer says the charity will be up and running by the end of February, so let's hope some kind person chips in big time here to help because Mom and Dad they can't do this on the present financial level and   it's getting worse here. Our house has become a general dumping ground for sick and unwanted dogs. Mom say's thank God we are moving then she is sad because what will happen to all these animals?


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Where ever you go there will always be pups in need. Hopefully another angel will step in to help the ones you are helping now.

georgia little pea said...

Oi Emmy. Sorry I've been away so long. It sounds like I've missed some sad and major upheaval in your life in that time? I will have to come back another day to read your old stories and catch up.

Until then, muitos beijos x

Jan's Funny Farm said...

How horribly sad. We don't know how you keep coping with so many setbacks and additions. But we know you will, somehow.